January 2015


marks KAIROS' 24th Year!





   Snowy Evergreen


Welcome Script Red
 Mary Kay Alpaugh
The KAIROS community welcomes
as the new Interim Executive Director!
With the departure of MARY ETTA KING,
who is retiring after having served for 9 years as the Executive Director,
Mary Kay is beginning with KAIROS in late December.
KAIROS is grateful to Mary Etta for her love and dedication.
We wish her much joy and pray that
she will be blessed in this new season of her life.
 Blessings Script
Mary Kay Alpaugh, a Spiritual Director, has been a student at
KAIROS for several years and has served on the KAIROS
Board of Directors for the past 1 1/2 years.
Mary Kay is passionate about the KAIROS vision:
"Seeing people transformed by God's love into the
mind and heart of Christ for their sake and the sake of the world." 
She feels blessed to be able to serve and support the
KAIROS community during this time of transition.
Snow Heart

 "Creatively Seeks New Passage" 
Miniature rivers
fashioned by compliant rain drops
invent small dams
when blocked by the smooth gray stones    
The water in each mini-pond swells
while the stones themselves, the obstacles,
retain the water, holding it prisoner.
Smooth gray stones, water droplets and green foliage
Undefeated, the rising water
creatively seeks new passage,
seemingly guided by an unseen hand
the rain drops set themselves free,
blazing downward trails to the forest floor.
Be it stalled by the height of a mountain
or the depth of a small pond
each rain drop unfailingly finds
    its way to the sea,
its transitory home.
Barry Young

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